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I sent out an email earlier today to the people that have registered and become Premium Members of QuantumListing. Its purpose was to give them step by step instructions on how to use the app. It was a revised version of the Tips and Tricks page. I did some editing, added a couple of new images, made a few changes.

Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to get more new users, that I forget to communicate with the ones I already have. It is not enough to just get people to download and register, it is equally, if not more important to have the current members become engaged. In order to be successful, QuantumListing must become a habit for its users. I don’t think it is necessary for people to be as hooked as my teenage daughter is to SnapChat, but checking in a few times a week to see what’s new would be great!

When we were designing the app, my friend TonyScreen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.08.26 PM Brancato recommended the book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products by Nir Eyal. After reading it, I had the team make some changes to simplify the use of QuantumListing. My favorite change was putting the buttons to call, email, or visit the website of the listing agent/owner right on the title bar. Before you had to tap on another button to bring up that menu. Throughout the app we tried to make things as simple as possible. Using the app, I feel that we were pretty successful. Importing a PDF into the app to use in a listing is probably the trickiest thing, but once you have done it once or twice, it becomes pretty easy. We put a separate section on the Tips and Tricks website to describe how to do that, which you can find here. I imagine that Millennials will have no trouble mastering the app at all, and alte cockers like me will  get the hang of it after a few uses. (I played FIFA 2015 with my 16 year old son recently.  That is hard!)

At Perlmutter Properties, my brokerage company, we recently switched to a different email blast service. When we made that change, the new company called me a couple of times, and sent emails every few days to make sure the on-boarding process went smoothly. That is something I would like to emulate as we go forward with QuantumListing. Walking the line between creating an easy transition and being annoying to new customers will take some fine tuning, probably.

So, after you’ve downloaded and registered your QuantumListing app, expect to hear from me. You want to beat me to the punch? Email me at or call me at 914-470-5719.

OK, I’ve downloaded the QuantumListing app, now what do I do?

Congratulations, you’ve downloaded the QuantumListing app (or in case you have not, go to and click on the App Store link). Now what do you do?

  1. Make sure you click on the activation link in the email that will be automatically sent to you. Didn’t get the email? Check your spam filter. Still don’t see it? Contact If you registered with Facebook, you won’t get the activation e mail.
  2. OK, now that you’ve got the app and have activated it, it is time to log in! Use the username and password you just created.
  3. After you log in, you’ll notice five icons at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Profile icon at the bottom right, the one that looks like three people.
  4. You’ll know you’re on the profile screen, because it says Profile at the top! Here’s where the fun begins. (i) Tap on the circle with the silhouette. Take a selfie, hit done. Or, if you have a picture on your phone that you prefer, hit the two squares at the bottom left of the screen and select that. (ii) Tap on the About me section. Erase the words “No bio posted” and write a little something about yourself. (iii) Tap on the green rectangle that says account. Hit the green Edit button on the top right. Add your e mail address if it is not there. Check the profile, phone and website information, and add or change those if necessary. Hit the Done button when you are satisfied with the information.
  5. You’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get creative. I’ll bet you are just itching to add something to the app, but aren’t sure what to do first. My suggestion is to reach into your wallet, and pull out one of your business cards. Open up the app, look for the camera icon i the bottom. Tap on that, then tap on the word Camera. Snap a picture of your business card. Hit done.  There are a few mandatory pieces of information that need to be entered before any listing (or business card) can be submitted. (i) Enter a title – in this case it can be your name and company. (ii) Check to see that a phone number and e mail address have been auto-filled – every listing must have these, so if they are not there, go back to 4 above! (iii) Tap on Map to add a location – for your business card, you probably want to add the address of your office. If you are in your office, the address is probably already entered, thanks to Google maps magic. (iv) Next, you’ll see three Building Information boxes. For your business card entry, tap on asset type and pick your specialty from the list (pull up on the list with your finger if you don’t see your asset type at first). Do the same with the For Lease or Sale box. Leave the price box blank. Now you’ve entered all of the required information. Easy, right?
  6. If you pull up on the screen further, you’ll see the picture of your business card that you took just before, and below that are boxes for additional property information and comments. These boxes are all optional. When you are adding a property, they will help your listing be found in searches, but are not required.
  7. Hit Submit in the top right of the screen. Done!
  8. Now, tap on the first tab on the bottom, the icon that looks like a house. Pull down on the screen and release to refresh the Public Listings feed. Your business card should appear at the top of the feed. You’re famous!
  9. Now, go to the Search icon. It is the second from the left and looks like a magnifying glass. Look for your office on the map, or type it into the search bar. A QuantumListing logo should be visible there. Tap on that and you’ll see your name pop up in a white bar. Tap on that, and you’ll see your contact information, location, and the picture of your card, and, if you scroll down, whatever else you entered, if anything.
  10. If you tap on the fourth icon at the bottom, the one that looks like a silhouette with a gear coming out of its ear, you’ll see your business card. This is where you’ll find your listings in the future when you’ve add them.

This should be all you need to get you started on becoming a QuantumListing pro! There are many more features for you to discover on your own, or with the help of our Tips and Tricks. If you still have questions, contact us at

4 Way Street #CREtech #startup

When I was nine or ten years old, I went with my older brother Frank to Sam Goody’s at the Livingston Mall to pick out my first record album. I was agonizing over the bins, not really having a clue as to what to pick. Frank is about three and a half years older than me, and was four years ahead of me in school. He was my guru in all things music at the time.  His recommendation was 4 Way Street by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. I still love the album, and the music of those Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 5.05.46 PMfour artists as a group and in their other iterations. But, I don’t listen to it on vinyl anymore. I may have it still, down in the basement, but my turntable has not worked in at least ten years, and there are probably more pops and scratches on those disks than I could count. I may have a CD version of the album, but couldn’t tell you with any certainty, and might have downloaded it from iTunes at some point, but again, am not sure. If I want to listen to 4 Way Street, I can listen on Spotify,  Amazon Prime or the new Apple Radio. Time has changed the way we do the things we have always done.

I started as a real estate salesman in 1986 working for N. Peter Burton’s Westchester County office. In 1989, when I wanted to start developing shopping centers, I left N. Peter Burton and started my own brokerage, Perlmutter Properties, Inc. At the same time, my partners and I started DKH Group as our development company. DKH had a pretty good run in the 1990’s, developing over a million square feet of retail.

Sometime in the mid-1990’s, I started sharing my office with another real estate broker, Ed Gray. We first met when he introduced Applebees to us as a potential tenant for New Roc City in New Rochelle. Ed had a commercial real estate brokerage, EdGrayUSA, and even though we were in the same business, and in theory could have perceived each other as competitors, I invited him to sublease one of my spare offices. Ed had, and still has, such a nice, even keeled disposition, a great work ethic, and makes the nicest marketing packages of just about any independent broker.

I always enjoyed talking with Ed, exchanging market information with him, as well as ideas. We helped each other however we could. We were both technophiles, and it was Ed that introduced me to Loopnet to which he had recently subscribed. Loopnet became the first online real estate information service to which I subscribed.

Later I added CoStar to my arsenal, as well as Retail Lease Trac (they mailed me discs a couple of times a year originally!), the Retail Tenant Database, the Directory of Major Malls, Plain Vanilla Shell, and maybe a couple of others. I was an information junkie, but probably never got as much out of any one of them as I could have. None of them came cheap, some were more expensive than others, some more valuable to me than others. Some have kept their price fairly steady, or with modest increases. A couple, and I bet you can guess which ones, have jacked up their prices considerably more.

My dad was in the supermarket business, and I was raised in a culture of high volume, low margin business, with a focus on customer service. My dad used to say it was cheaper to keep a customer than to find a new one. His company, Supermarkets General, was originally part of the Wakefern Cooperative, operating Shop Rite stores. They were growing rapidly and wanted to implement different merchandising ideas, so they left the coop and re-branded themselves as Pathmark.  One of their early slogans was “One item, one price.” They didn’t want you have to buy three cans of tuna to get the best price. Before the unfortunate leveraged buyout in 1986 which was the first step toward their eventual demise as part of A&P, Pathmark was the low price leader in the New York metro area.

So, all of this leads to the creation of Jeomark, LLC and QuantumListing. I wanted to create an app that would provide nationwide access to commercial real estate listings using all of the incredible features of smartphones and the cloud. Listings published on the app are visually oriented, with a photo or your marketing PDF being the central image. Buttons to contact the listing broker are right there on top of the image, making it incredibly easy for potential clients or other brokers to contact you.

My vision is to make QuantumListing so reasonably priced that anyone can afford it. In fact, if you don’t want to post listings, there’s no charge at all. If you do post listings, you can subscribe to a one month plan for $9.99, three months for $24.99, and a year for $79.99. For the initial roll out period, we’re willing to waive those nominal fees.

I realize that I have a monumental task ahead of me. Having a great product that we’re committed to continue to improve, and at a great price is just a starting place. It’s not enough to simply let people know that QuantumListing exists. “If you build it, they will come” may work in the movies, but I’m not naive enough to think that applies to a new product, especially one that requires some effort from the user.  Getting people to download it, register, and add their listings when they have other ingrained habits won’t be easy, even though we’ve made the process as simple as we can. I look forward to the journey ahead, and hope that there will be more days of triumph than frustration. With your help, I think it can be done. Please download the app, register, and post your listings.

Get it here: QuantumListing.



The Second Half of the Battle Will Be Much Longer Than the First #CREtech #Startup

Coming up with the idea for a CRE app, and executing it is only half the battle. Once your app is available, spreading the word and convincing people to adopt your app is a gargantuan task. It takes a combination of email, social media, word of mouth, real estate and tech conference attending, publicity and print advertising to let people know your app exists and is worthwhile. You have to give yourself a couple of years to become an overnight success!

Right now, even before it has been widely installed, I think QuantumListing gives tremendous value to the user. Once you’ve posted your listings, either using a photo or PDF to the app, you know where to go on your phone to easily retrieve your listing when you are on the road and forward it to potential customers, as well as post it to social media. I do look forward to the day when I might be in any town or city, and I’ll go to the map function on the QuantumListing app and see the flags indicating there are listings all around me. I know we’ll get there, it will take time and effort, and continued improvements to the app, but we’ll get there.

We’ve Come So Far… We Have So Far to Go #StartUp #CREtech

After a couple of weeks, we’ve had 65 downloads of the QuantumListing App, and 150 listings uploaded. We’ve netted $126 on app sales from the App Store (2 x 1 year, 2 x 1 month). However, we did start giving early adopters a free 1 year Premium Membership after the first few days.  If you don’t have the app yet, you can get it here. None of the numbers above really have much meaning, except that we now have a product on the market. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

How much did I spend on developing the app? So far, it is in the neighborhood of $50-75,000. I am not sure that is a completely fair number, since all of my time is uncompensated. Office space and other related expenses are shared with my real estate brokerage, Perlmutter Properties, so there is also savings there. My development team is spread around the world, in Bulgaria, Australia, and India (although the web developers in India are being replaced). This has been an economical way of developing the app, but can be frustrating at times, as communications with the development team are all via email and Skype. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

Additionally, the expenses are lower than they might have been since this is the third app I’ve developed, so some of the mistakes were made on those prior experiences, and I’ve segregated those costs from this project. Keeping expenses down are important for any startup. Being a self-funded startup makes that fiduciary responsibility very personal. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

There have not been setbacks and missteps along the road on the QuantumListing journey. Release was delayed a few weeks when we opted to change our original name, Leaseagram, after the attorney for Facebook/Instagram contacted my attorney. It’s not that you can’t have -gram in your name, it is just that you can’t have it if you are using their API for registration or to post to their site, which is apparently written in the fine print of their click through agreement. I decided it was better to switch than fight a deep pocketed behemoth. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

The website should have been up and fully functional, too. I was so focused on making sure the app provided a good user experience, that I neglected the website more than I should.  As a result, we scrapped most of what we had done and are starting the design and function pretty much from scratch. Right now, if you visit you will see a marketing page for the app. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

Also, shortly after releasing QuantumListing, we experienced a problem with our email, caused by a system problem at our host. That cost us at least a week, and probably some bad experiences for a few users, as they were not receiving their activation emails, and could not contact. Fortunately that problem was resolved, and it is one of the things that prompted us to start with our temporary Free Membership program. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

There are a several little things we’ll adjust to the app on the next iteration, but I’m generally happy with how it came out. It looks good, and I like the way it functions. I am a huge fan of the buttons on the title bar that allow users to call, e mail or visit the website of the listing agent. If we can find any way to make adding listings easier, we’ll do it. We’ll also activate a couple of the social features. We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.

Once we have a few hundred users and have gotten some feedback, we’ll start the next version in earnest. So if you have any thoughts on how to improve QuantumListing, contact me at  We’ve come so far…we have so far to go.


Onward and Upward! Let’s Celebrate with a Free Premium Membership Giveaway. #CRETech

All systems are GO! We have gotten over the GoDaddy email problem that was plaguing us for the last week. The only good thing to come out of it was a lesson in how not to give customer service. But, let’s not dwell on the negative. We’ve got a gift for you.

If you download and register the app, and send me an email at or a message on Twitter @QuantumListing, we’ll give you a free year’s Premium Membership, a $79.99 value. (Don’t have QuantumListing yet? Download it HERE.) We hope you’ll get busy adding your listings, so QuantumListing can become the useful tool for searchers, owners and agents we’ve meant it to be.

Posting your listings to the app is fast and easy, I think it takes me about three minutes per listing at most. You can find step by step directions by clicking HERE. In addition to having your listing visible in another hopefully soon to be popular place, the app makes it really easy for you to post listings to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

This offer is good through August 31, 2015. Tell your friends about it, and you can take the credit for giving them the Premium Membership. $79.99 is nothing to sneeze at, unless you have hay fever.


Activation Frustration! Vacation Consolation?

GoDaddy is the ISP that we use. They have had some problem with one of their email services, the result of which is that the activation emails, and support inquiries that use the email addresses are not being delivered. After several days of waiting for them to fix the problem (contacting them daily and getting reassurances they would have it fixed shortly), when pressed a little further they finally offered a workaround, which hopefully will be in effect shortly. The real solution should hopefully  be put in place tomorrow, or I’ll be looking for another hosting provider by Tuesday.

All of this has been particularly frustrating for me. I’ve had to put a hold on marketing the App. The only consolation is that a good chunk of the real estate business is on vacation.

In the meantime, if you do download QuantumListing (and I sure hope you do), you can register with Facebook and you won’t need to get an activation email, your account is automatically activated. If you register with your email address, I am checking the dashboard every hour or so to activate those that do register. I then send an email to the new user explaining the situation.

Enjoy your Sunday. If you have any questions, send me an email at my non-QuantumListing email address:

Thanks for letting me vent.

David Perlmutter

Here’s Hoping

We’re using PropertySend to do an email blast for QuantumListing today. I am looking forward to seeing the results. If you got here today via PropertySend, let us know.

I’ll be taking the afternoon off to go to the Mets – Rockies game today at Citifield with the folks from the office. So, here’s hoping everything goes smoothly!

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? Adventures on the #CRETech Road

I was going to use one of the big commercial real estate email services today to send out a major blast for QuantumListing. However, I am concerned that the registration and activation process is still a bit glitchy. We’ll spend some time trying to figure it out, and then try again.

This David (hey, it really is my name) is eager to take on Goliath, but better to do it when properly armed!

QuantumListing, the Crowdsourced Listing App Is Now Available #CREtech

White Plains, NY – (August 5, 2015) Jeomark, LLC announced the launch of QuantumListing, its crowdsourced commercial real estate listing app for iOS. The app employs a “freemium” model, so downloading it is free, as is Basic Membership. Premium Membership, available at low introductory rates, activates advanced features, and is available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

With Basic Membership, users can browse and search listings, and contact listing members via phone or e mail with the tap of a button. Premium Members enjoy all the features of Basic Membership plus they can post listings and share them via social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as email and text them.

Jeomark’s principal, David Perlmutter, said of QuantumListing’s genesis, “This app resulted from a need I perceived in the real estate market – access to listings when I’m out on the road – and sufficient technological evolution to satisfy that need in a cost effective manner. When I started as a real estate salesperson in the mid 1980’s, the fax machine was an expensive novelty, which then evolved into a inexpensive commodity. I was the first person at the place I worked to use a personal computer. I’ve run an independent real estate brokerage company since 1989 and have always used new technologies to be competitive and offer services locally on a par with the large national companies. As a result of the consolidation in the real estate information sector, information service pricing is spiraling out of control. As a result of the high prices, those companies often seem more like acerbic partners than service providers. They are rich data sources, but too often, most of that information is not required on a day to day basis, and to use their mobile solutions, users have to pay an even higher premium. Our goal is to provide the information people really need, where they need it, at an extremely cost effective price. Today’s smartphone and cloud technology gives agents and owners the perfect tools to accomplish this goal.”

Perlmutter continued, “Even though QuantumListing is just beginning to attract users and listings, we feel that it provides tremendous value for the user for several reasons. Posting a listing is just a matter of a few minutes. You can be in front of your building and take a picture, use one from your phone’s album, or add a PDF. Your contact information is auto populated from when you register. Your listing is geocoded by entering its address, too, so you can easily find it on a map search. Then you can add additional optional property details to make your listing more searchable. Real estate brokers and owners have been slow to adapt social media to their uses, and many are just confused as to how to post their listings to social media. Our interface makes it extremely quick and easy. Another thing that will make QuantumListing an invaluable tool is the ease with which users can contact the listing agents and owners. There are buttons right next to the name of the listing to call, email or visit the website of the listing Member.

We’ve got lots of ideas on how to further enhance the app, and have already started working on that. In the meantime, we would love to hear from users what they would like to see added to the app, as well as if there are any aspects of it that are difficult or frustrating for them to use. Other future plans include a responsive website, and an Android version.”

Download QuantumListing from the App Store:

Learn how to get the most out of QuantumListing by visiting:

Direct your questions to: or call David Perlmutter at 914-470-5719

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