How To Add Listings

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to add listings to QuantumListing:

Step 1: Tap the Camera icon

Step 2: Add a title by tapping the word Title and entering a name for your listing

Step 3: Add the location by tapping on the globe and typing the address

Step 4: Tap the Asset Type box and choose from the drop down menu. Then tap Lease or Sale and make that selection. Then add the price or rent per square foot. Price/Rent information is optional.

Step 5: Tap on Upload Photo or PDF and select Camera to take a picture, Album to choose one that is already on your phone, or PDF to select a PDF (see below on how to get a PDF into the app).

Step 5a: Adding a PDF to QuantumListing

Step 5b: Adding a PDF from an Email

Step 5c: Adding a PDF from a Website

Step 5d: Adding a PDF from Dropbox

Step 5e: Adding a PDF from Other Apps

Step 6a: Tap each box to add listing details. These items are optoinal but help when others are searching

Step 6b: Add additional property details and comments. If yo don’t tap on Date Available, it will use today’s date.

Step 7: Hit the Submit button at the top right to upload your listing. You’ll get a message when the listing has been successfully submitted.


If you need to change any of the listing information, you can edit by going to Your Listings tab (the circle with the silhouette of one person with a gear to the top right) and tap on the listing image. Tap on the information you need to update, then scroll to the bottom and hit update. However, if you need to change the location, you’ll have to delete the listing by tapping on the three dots to the right of your name. If you have already tapped on the image and opened the property details page, you’ll need to tap on the left facing arrow at the top of the page to go back, then tap on the three dots.
If you have questions, contact us at
Thanks to summer interns Jack Baron and Billy Perlmutter for their work on this!

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