Beautiful Weekend, Bad Haircut – Life’s Like That

Bad haircut, what bad haircut?

The weather here in Westchester County has been beautiful, cool in the morning and evenings, warm and cloudless during the day. Yesterday, I went to the Pleasantville Barbershop to get my hair cut and beard trimmed. Yes, it is open on Sunday. Usually my wife Sara performs these services for me; there’s not much hair on top, and she enjoys the sculptural activity of trimming the beard. Last time I went to the barber, the old guy did a great job. This time, he did the opposite of what I wanted. I asked for my hair to be short, leave the beard long, and blend it where they meet. That’s how it started, not how it ended. Oh well. Hair grows back. There was a lot of comedy (and probably a few posts to Instagram – see photo above) generated by my kids when I got back home, and I’m happy to share the details, but that’s not the point of this post.

Rolling out QuantumListing is like this beautiful weekend with a bad haircut. I’ve had a lot of really nice interchanges with people I have not met in person yet, such as Dave from New Dirt, Linda Day Harrison at The Broker List, Michael Beckerman at The News Funnel, Mariel Ebrahimi at DisruptCRE, and Duke Long from the Duke Long Agency and to name just a few. They have freely offered encouragement and good advice. One of the highlights of my weekend was an email from Mariel telling me she overheard a discussion at DisruptCRE Miami in which people were talking about listing platforms and someone mentioned QuantumListing. That was the first independent sighting of which I’ve gotten a report!

Most of the time, though I feel like I am shouting into a well. I make cold calls, send cold emails, send email blasts, blog, tweet, post to Facebook, etc. There’s just enough response to keep me going. Fortunately, with 29 years experience in real estate, I am equipped for this. I remember that first year at N. Peter Burton, Westchester Co. I made lots of cold calls and did plenty of foot canvassing. I still remember the excitement of getting a positive response from my first customer. When I learned that it was a division of Texaco, that added another thrill, undiminished by the fact that it was only a 1350 square foot deal.

So, people are downloading the QuantumListing app and registering. We’re giving Premium Memberships away in the hope that they will start loading listings. It’s happening, but it feels like it is happening in slow motion, like waking up each beautiful morning to see your hair growing back after a bad haircut.





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